Non-Destructive Testing Services

Non-Destructive Electro Magnetic Testing

In-house inspections

At Resolution NDT, we can provide non-destructive testing services from our facility in Wokingham. From one-offs to multiple run batches, we are able to deliver NDT services you can rely on including fluorescent and dye penetrant testing to ultrasonic, magnetic particle and high frequency eddy current testing.

On-site Inspections

In addition to in-house work, Resolution NDT regularly attends our customer sites to carry out inspections. Our on-site inspections are popular when size, quantity or convenience is key to your requirements.

Embedded Solutions

For companies with a regular or high volume of NDT testing, Resolution NDT offer embedded solutions where we provide the expertise to develop an in-house capability on the customer’s site; click here for an example we created for a customer.


Resolution NDT are able to provide personnel for contract or ad-hoc work. Our personnel hold a range of PCN and EN4179/NAS410 qualifications and are experienced in a range of industries and methods so can quickly integrate into your inspection team.

Resolution NDT staff have inspected welds, castings and forgings in a range of materials for a wide varitety of purposes; get in touch to see how Resolution NDT can help you today.

Non-Destructive Testing for Aerospace Engines

Aerospace NDT Services

Aerospace applications demand the most stringent requirements and, at Resolution NDT, our staff have many years’ experience of testing aerospace products for the new and overhaul markets.

Benetton Formula 1

Automotive NDT Services

Resolution NDT can offer non-destructive testing services for automotive purposes including motorsport, classic cars and newly manufactured vehicle parts whether it is a light alloy casting or carbon composite wishbone.

Naval Submarine

Industrial NDT Services

Here at Resolution NDT, our staff have many years’ experience of testing products for the oil and gas, transport, fabrication, naval, medical and nuclear industries.