Automotive NDT Services

NDT for Manufactured Components.

Manufactured automotive parts awaiting inspection

Resolution NDT provides testing of newly manufactured parts which is widely used to confirm that production standards are maintained, whether it is a light alloy casting or a carbon composite wishbone.

Non-destructive testing may also be employed when fault finding in response to issues detected during manufacture or in delivered vehicles.

NDT for Motorsport.

Non-Destructive Testing for Motorsport Components

Motorsport regulations require that certain components such as tubular suspension wishbones, light alloy suspension parts, steering columns and fabricated uprights are crack tested.

Resolution NDT can test metallic items with sensitive fluorescent methods and ultrasonic techniques to inspect composite parts. A certificate of testing can be produced upon completion as documentary proof to satisfy any scrutineer or official.

NDT for Classic Cars.

Non-Destructive Fluorescent Crack Testing

Materials and manufacturing methods of the past may not be as good as those of today, with age combined with general wear and tear taking its toll on our much-loved classics.

Before ploughing money into a restoration project, it is worth conducting non-destructive testing on the critical parts and components, identifying cracks and corrosion hidden within the materials. In addition, non-destructive testing can be used to check the condition of the remainder of the car to understand the full extent of the work that will be required to restore the vehicle before undertaking the restoration process.

Alloy Wheel Inspected with Fluorescent NDT